FUSHU DAIKO team in Florida, US.

We would like to introduce to you our original costume for the FUSHU DAIKO team in Florida, US.


Tops: Tachieri Hanten coat (their team name “FUSHU DAIKO” on the back)
Bottoms: Susoshibori with Kyahan pants


What was their motivation for making new costume?
Please let us share the interview with them!!

Dodon: How did you choose the color and traditional Japanese pattern for this new costume?

FUSHU DAIKO: The focus of this costume are our team color “red and black” and the special design with dragon. We voted for making the decision of Japanese patterns in our team. Finally, this “Botanryu” design won by one vote!

Dodon: Why did you order a custom made from us?

FUSHU DAIKO: We will have the 30th anniversary next year. We wanted to have brand new costume before then. We made costumes by ourself so far, but we decided to order with a professional company especially because of our 30th anniversary.

Dodon: Could you tell us your background team story? What was your inspiration?

FUSHU DAIKO: We are the furthest Wadaiko team away from Japan in the US. Our team began and grew in the US. Only two members of us are Japanese.

Our history started 30 years ago. A Japanese and American couple met at a bon dance festival at the local Japanese garden. They were surprised that there was no taiko drum for bon dance and they decided to establish a Wadaiko team from scratch.

We used to not have enough knowledge and experience, but now we have grown as a team from years of experience working together on various stages. We appreciate Wadaiko masters who are succeeding in the US for their inspiration.

We hope to leap further as a team with our 30th anniversary next year!


We appreciate your business!
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